Standard Diaphragm Switch

General Product Information:

The BM45 is a pressure switch that provides simple, low cost point level control with proven, lasting reliability. It is designed for use in bins containing non-hazardous, free-flowing dry materials such as grain, feed, seed or other granular or pelleted materials. The BM45 operates by sensing material pressing against the diaphragm switch. When the switch is pressed, it activates a sensitive micro-switch that can be wired to a visual (light) or audible (horn or bell) alarm to start or stop a process or alert to high, medium or low levels in bins. . Mounted on the top or side of a bin, the BinMaster BMRX alerts operators when bins are full without the rigors and risks associated with climbing and continuously checking bins levels. When material is not in contact with the paddle, the paddle rotates freely. When the paddle comes into contact with dry bulk material, the paddle stops rotating and sends a signal – normally through the use of a horn or light – to alert that the bin is full.The BM45 series is offered in six different models. The variations include standard, heavy-duty neoprene or heavy-duty silicone diaphragm material and either internal or external mounting options. The basic, yet reliable operating mechanism is very rugged and requires minimal maintenance. It can be used in conjunction with BinMaster's point level alarm panel which is a console used to alert the user to bin level conditions for four to 24 level indicator stations. It helps saves time by allowing the user to monitor high, medium and low levels of multiple bins from a single console.


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